Top Free Australian Business Directories

If you are a small business in Australia are you taking advantage of all the online services that you can to give your business a boost online?  Especially when they are free to list on and promote your business.

There are many reasons to list your business on some of the better Australian business directories including:

There are hundreds of business directory sites and you don’t need to list on all of them (and you shouldn’t), concentrate on making sure you are at least listed on these top directory sites and also consider listing on the top niche services for your industry as well.

One way to find those online services is to do a search for 3 or more of your direct competitors on google or bing and make a note of the sites where they are listed.  You should list your business on any of the services where your competitors are listed but you are not, if you don’t you are just letting searchers on those sites go directly to your competitors.

While there are many posts online listing Australian business directories many are out of date.  at myPresences we monitor thousands of online services worldwide and our list was compiled in July 2018.

Each service is ranked by Domain Authority which is a score out of 100 which indicates how well a website will rank in search results.

To add your business to each service click on the Add Link or click through to Our Profile to find out more about each service.


Google My Business Logo




1. Google My Business

Google My Business is the local listing product from Google and is one of the most important places for a small business to list online, your business must have a listing on Google My Business.  Your Google My Business listing summary will appear directly in the search results when your customers search for your business so make sure the information is accurate.  Google My Business is also an extremely important place to get online reviews as this will also help your business rank better in google search and local search.

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Domain Authority 100
Australian Rank 1
Twitter Followers 16800
Facebook Likes 40395


Yellowpages Logo

2. Yellowpages Australia

Yellowpages is part of the Sensis network of websites that also includes Truelocal, WhitePages and Whereis and is partly owned by Telstra.  While it is no longer important to be listed in the physical yellow pages it is important to have a presence on their online network.  Having a listing on Yellowpages will also help you business get listed on other websites in the network and will help you get listed on the Sensis API.

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Claims 6.5 million site visits each month  (July 2018)
Domain Authority 76
Australian Rank 419
Twitter Followers 5857
Facebook Likes 43168


Truelocal Logo

3. Truelocal

Truelocal is a website that is part of the Sensis network and was created in 2006 and later acquired by Sensis.

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Claims 1.1m searches each month   (July 2017)

3.1m Aussie visits each month (August 2017)

Domain Authority 73
Australian Rank 886
Twitter Followers 4891
Facebook Likes 49406


Yelp Logo

4. Yelp Australia

Yelp Australia is the Australian portal site for the American directory site Yelp.  Yelp is one of the worlds biggest business directories and they are known worldwide.  Yelp is also a reviews site and has a mobile app that is used by millions of people worldwide to find local businesses.  It is very important that your business is listed on yelp and you start to generate some ratings and reviews on Yelp.

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Domain Authority 65
Australian Rank 635
Twitter Followers 114718
Facebook Likes 260


Hotfrog Logo

5. Hotfrog

Hotfrog is an international business directory based in Australia and available in 38 countries worldwide. Hotfrog was created in 2005 and has over 120 million businesses listed worldwide.

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Claims 2.7 million people per month (July 2018)

431000 enquiries to business per month (July 2018)

120 million businesses listed (July 2018)

Domain Authority 65
Australian Rank 13527
Twitter Followers 5654
Facebook Likes 12776


Dlook Logo

6. DLook

Dlook is an Australian business directory listing over 1.7 million businesses.

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Claims 1.7 millions businesses (July 2018)
Domain Authority 61
Australian Rank 20750
Twitter Followers 441
Facebook Likes 2013


Startlocal Logo

7. StartLocal

StartLocal is a directory for local businesses to list on and promote their business and is also focused on helping consumers find the best deals. When you list your business on StartLocal also be sure to post any deals and specials you are running.

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Claims 7 million visitors a year (July 2018)
Domain Authority 60
Australian Rank 13481
Twitter Followers 1646
Facebook Likes 2145


Local Search Logo

8. Local Search

LocalSearch is primarily focused on regional areas around Australia.  If you are a regional business then it is important to be listed in one of their many regional and hyper local directories.

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Domain Authority 58
Australian Rank 2667
Twitter Followers 855
Facebook Likes 7205


Word of Mouth Logo

9. Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth is primarily a reviews site that is now owned by OneFlare.

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Claims 588977 Customer Reviews (July 2018)
Domain Authority 51
Australian Rank 5718
Twitter Followers 2583
Facebook Likes 18782


Aussieweb Logo

10. Aussieweb

Aussieweb is one of Australia’s oldest business directory sites, established in 1996 and based in Brisbane.

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Domain Authority 50
Australian Rank 15842
Twitter Followers 46
Facebook Likes 3390


Getting listed on these services is a great start for your business but you also need to make each of your listings as compelling as possible so that when consumers find your business they are likely to click through to your website or call you.  Take advantage of every part of the profile you can, add photos and videos, create a comprehensive description of your business, add your products or services and your specials.  Creating more compelling profiles may also help you rank better on each service.

If the service supports ratings and reviews then let your clients know they can rate and review you on these profiles, having great social proof on your profiles may be the difference between a customer coming to your business rather than your competitor.

myPresences is a service to help you list your business on 100’s of online services such as social media services, business directories, reviews sites and more and then continue to manage your online presence and reputation on each service.

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To find hundreds of other online services to promote your business on try or free online services explorer.

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