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Solution Partner

‘Most small business owners are unaware there is software that can help them with many problems they have running their business.

They don’t know where to look, what options are available and which are best for their business.’

In our Solution Advisor we make it easy by showing a list of problems that a business owner needs to solve and associating a software solution with each of those problems.
A business can then see a profile page for your solution and click through to your website to learn more and signup.

Your software is recommended when a relevant business (based on location and business type) is looking for a solution to a problem you solve.

Try a free trial to see the Solution Advisor first hand, and then look for Advisor in the navigation menu.

Customers who need you

Your software will be suggested to businesses who have indicated they need a solution to a problem you solve.

In Locations You Support

We will only recommend your solution to businesses in locations you support. You can support businesses globally or by country.

In Targeted Verticals

If your software works best with certain verticals then your business will be given precedence for businesses in those verticals. Get your solution in front of your niche market.