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Frequently Asked Questions

If I create a new presence with myPresences will it be removed if I close my account?

No. We do not control any presences you create. If you decide to close your account with myPresences then all of your presences will be unaffected.

Should I create a presence for my business on all the services that are suggested?

No. You should aim to create a presence on all services that are recommended or above. You can create presences on other services as well but you do not need to aim to have a presence on all. Have a look at each service and decide which are best for your business.

Some services will be marked as avoid, you should not create presences on these services as they tend to be unmanaged and changing your details or removing your business at a later date may be impossible. These services are included so that you can be aware of existing presences on these services.

How is my business listed on some services? I don't remember adding a listing and gave no consent?

Most listings online for your business will have been created outside your control and without your consent.

These may have been created by an old owner, automatically listed from other sources or added by a third party like a customer or employee.

One of the first things myPresences will do for you is track down all presences online for your business and allow you to manage them in one place so that you can now take control.

Can you remove or change my listing on a service for me?

We do not directly offer a service to remove or alter listing information.

We do make it easy for you to alter or remove listings by providing help and links directly to pages on each service to help you remove and alter your listings yourself.

When you go to a presence page for your listing there will be a series of button showing what actions you can perform and these will include the ability to change your details and remove your listing for many services.

Can I request a Service to be added?

Yes, Our aim is to support as many services as possible. We are concentrating on sites in Australia, US, UK and Canada … and the bigger the site the better.

Generally we support sites that appear on the first or second page of google.

If there is a service that you think we should support then please submit it here.

Can you help with building my websiteimproving my search rankingsmarketing my business online?

We do not currently provide these services .. the information available within mypresences should be a great help to anyone you engage to help with this.

We plan to launch the myPresences Marketplace where you will be able to find professionals to assist you with maximising your opportunity online. These professionals will have to meet high professional standards and will also be trained in the use of mypresences so they have unprecedented knowledge of your existing online presence and what opportunities exist.

If you are a professional who is interested in being part of the marketplace the please see the Partners page.