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myPresences Guarantee

If you can find an equivalent better value tool get 6 months free on our top plan while we improve.

Trying to find the best tool to manage and grow your business online?

With so many software tools, it can be hard to find the one best for your business.

Many have impressive marketing websites but deliver poor or limited products.

It can also be hard to properly compare. Each website makes similar claims about features and benefits with vastly different capabilities.

At the end of the day what gives your business value is the tool, not the marketing website that sold you.

We are so confident myPresences is the best tool available to grow and manage local businesses we Guarantee it.

If you find an equivalent product that offers better value we’ll give you 6 months free* on our top plan while we improve.

* does not include paid add ons or services such as sms credits, listing creation or Yext listings.

Why are we doing this?

  • We believe we are already the best value tool on the market for managing presence and reputation.
  • If we are not the best we want to know why so we can improve.
  • We are a product company not a marketing company. We want to compete on the quality of our product.

Why are we the best on the market?

reviews, listings, search, social and google business in one platform

Most tools are just one of these or have a basic focus on a second area.

3000+ listing websites worldwide

Most listing products are white-labeling other tools with a limited number of supported websites and apps.

400+ review websites worldwide

Most reputation tools focus on only Google and Facebook or a limited number of websites (up to 50) with most of these being irrelevant to your business as they are for different industries.

Automatically discovered listings and review services

All other services require you to manually add your listings by finding the link and pasting it.  We scan the internet for your listings and add them automatically.

All listing & review websites are relevant to your business

We know your location and your industry and which websites and apps are relevant to your business, we only list those review sites. All other reputation services list all the review websites they support, even when they are not relevant to your business.  If you are a restaurant, a software review site is not relevant to you. This means only a small fraction of the review services they work with are relevant to your business.

The most powerful agency platform

myPresences is the most flexible agency platform available. Change everything about the look and feel, host on your own domain, use your own logos and application name. You can also turn on and off any part of the platform to make it as simple or powerful as your clients need. Even choose which online services you want your clients to work with.

Unmatched Multi-location management

myPresences is the only platform that includes multi-location reviews, listings, google business, social and credential management. With realtime dashboards for all locations or any group of locations.

When can I redeem?

Anytime during your free trial or the first 6 months of your subscription.

How to redeem

Go to our contact page and send a message with the subject myPresences Guarantee.  Let us know the tool that offers better value and why.

We will then add 6 months free on the top plan to your account while we work on improving our software in the areas you mentioned.


  • Free for 6 months does not include paid addons such as sms credits, listing creation or Yext listings.
  • Must have a reasonable reason why a competing tool is better value.
  • Free 6 months only applicable for one business location. If you have more locations please let us know and we can give you a significant discount on more locations while we improve.

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