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Reviews are the best way to get more business online

Get 5 times more reviews and build a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 star reputation through your Reviews, Ratings, Photos, Videos and Influencers.

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Are your ratings and reviews at least as good as your competitors? If not you are probably losing business to them.

Without competitive ratings your business is unlikely to be chosen and in many cases will never be seen in search results.

Monitor and respond to your reviews

Manage all your online reviews in one place.

  • The largest number of reviews services supported. (100’s)
  • Filter by Service, Star Rating and whether you can respond.
  • Graph review sentiment over time
  • Respond to reviews

Get new customer reviews and feedback

Grow your reviews and ratings from your best customers.

  • Generate feedback via Email or Text\SMS
  • Send happy customers to review your business on online services chosen by you
  • Manage unhappy customers and resolve their problem internally
  • Automatically collect NPS for your customers and track NPS over time
  • Use QR codes to get reviews at your location
AI Generated review responses

Never write a review reply again

Human like review replies generated by AI.

  • AI created review responses ready to reply for all reviews
  • Quality long form review replies that use context from the review
  • Using the language of the review
  • Mimics you own review reply style

Be notified of new reviews and rating changes

Know when you receive a new review or your rating changes on any review service we are monitoring.

  • Get an email or text alert when a new review or rating change is detected
  • New reviews are posted to the business’s timeline for easy access

Monitor your ratings

Monitor all of your ratings in one place.

  • See how your business rates on all review services
  • See how ratings have changed over the last 90 days
  • Track an average rating for your business across all review services and compare to competitors

Monitor Photos and Videos posted online

All the photos & videos posted by your business and customers in one place.

  • 100’s of online services where photos or videos can be posted
  • See photos and videos recently posted
  • Filter by service to see photos and videos posted to those services
  • See services that have old photos or videos that need to be updated
  • Review photos and videos posted by the public to ensure they positively reflect your business

Connect with your Influencers

Everyone who has connected with your business online in one place.

  • People from 100’s of online services and apps
  • See who has reviewed, rated, commented, liked, shared, followed, un-followed and more
  • See every action each person has performed over time
  • Click through to people’s profiles to connect further

Get new reviews with QR codes

Place your QR Code where you clients see it and get new reviews on autopilot.

  • Create ‘leave a review’ stickers and place them around your business
  • Add your QR Code to your Invoices and Receipts
  • Add your QR Code to your Website and Emails

Showcase your best reviews on your Website and Social Channels

Use Social Proof to show everyone why your customers love you.

How we build Online Reputation

We help you build your business’s reputation online in the following ways

Improve your Reputation

Do you know what your customers are saying about you and your competition. We monitor all your ratings, reviews and comments across 100+ online review services so you know exactly what is being said about you. We also help you generate new reviews and ratings from your customer base.

Be Involved

Connect with your online influencers and be part of the conversation. We monitor the people that interact with your business (by reviewing, commenting, liking, following, unfollowing and more) and show you who your influencers are and help you connect.

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