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What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link from an external website to your website which helps build authority for your website. This will ultimately help your website rank better.

There are two types of backlinks: Follow Backlinks NoFollow BacklinksA natural backlink profile includes both follow and nofollow backlinks but a follow backlink is the best for your SEO as it will pass link value to your website.

Follow Backlinks

Follow backlinks are also called ‘DoFollow Backlinks’ and when you receive a follow backlink to your website this transfers some link value to your website. You should aim to get as many follow backlinks as you can from important sites (with higher Domain Authority). These links will help the pages they link to and pages on your website rank better.

NoFollow Backlinks

NoFollow links are explicitly marked with a nofollow value in the rel field of the link. This means the owner of the site does not vouch for the linked site and does not pass it any link value or ‘link juice’. NoFollow links are commonly used when the site does not have control over the links that are added and therefore will not pass on any seo value.

How Backlinks help your site rank

Google uses your backlinks as part of its algorithm to determine how to rank your website. The more good quality (High Domain Authority or Page Authority) dofollow links you have the better your website should rank.

Nofollow backlinks are also a small factor in that a website should have a good mix of follow and nofollow links, if a site only has follow links this may be considered suspicious.

How myPresences helps

myPresences helps you build backlinks to your website:

Easily find DoFollow Backlink opportunities
Easy access to 100’s of backlink opportunities
Monitoring of all backlinks so you know if they change or are removed

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