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Local Citation

What is a local citation?

A local citation is a reference to the business NAP of a business on a web resource such as a webpage.

Why is a local citation important?

The more consistent local citations that the search engines find for a business the more value it will get for citations when being ranked in local search.

Local citation building

A common source of local citations is business directories but any webpage that mentions your name, address and phone number is a citation.
myPresences is a local citation building service and we recommend services where you can add your business and build citations as well as backlinks.

You should aim to create local citations for your business on all the most important online services and also services that are specific to your industry and are local to your area.

Citations on more valuable from better quality sites so focus on those sites first.

Local citation management

You should manage your local citations so that you know where they are located and what needs to be improved to get more value from each citation. Setting up your citations is an ongoing process so you should be looking to expand your citations at all times, make a list of additional citation sources and work through adding your business to each one in order of importance.

How myPresences Helps

We help you build your citations across more than 2000 online services and apps

  • Manage the places online where your business has citations
  • Find new places to create citations for your business
  • See where your competitors have citations
  • Fix problems with your citations when they are inconsistent, incomplete or inaccurate

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