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myPresences was created as a service to help small businesses manage their bricks and mortar stores online and to help them maximize their online opportunities.  Businesses like Cafes, Bars, Salons, Restaurants and Hotels have lots of places online where they need to manage their business profiles, handle consumer feedback and promote their business.

But what about startups that don’t have a storefront and their public face is predominantly online? Business like us for example .. I love the idea of dogfooding our own software because as users we tend to find and fix those pain points that our users are having quicker and have a better understanding of the best way to improve our product.  So while we have been managing mypresences online presence and reputation with mypresences .. as an online business we could not take advantage of a lot of our own features.

After a recent conversation I was reminded that myPresences could be very useful to startups as well and over the last month we have added support for over 30 new services that are specific or at least targeted at online startups.  Some of these services are listed below:

AngelList Crunchbase f6s_logoF6s producthunt_logoProduct Hunt
venturebeat_logoVBProfiles betalist_logoBetaList startuplist_logoStartupList hackernews_logoHackerNews
quora_logoQuora gust_logoGust slideshare_logoSlideShare reddit_logoReddit
trustpilot_logoTrustPilot glassdoor_logoGlassdoor appstore_logoApple App Store googleplay_logoGoogle Play Store
chromewebstore_logoChrome Web Store disqus_logoDisqus dribbble_logoDribbble github_logoGithub


With myPresences you can identify all the places where you or your startup have a presence and let us monitor them all for you and let you know when there is something you should be aware of or can improve, especially as things change over time.  We save you time and make your online world easier and quicker to manage so you can get on with building your startup.

Some of the things myPresences can help you and your startup with are:

  • Getting your startup listed in as many relevant places as possible.
  • Ensuring all of your presences are as accurate, consistent and complete as possible and you are taking full advantage of each platform.
  • Monitoring reviews across traditional services and services like Trustpilot, Glassdoor, Android Play Store and other places where startups are reviewed.
  • Comparing every aspect of your online presence to your competitors and other startups.
  • Monitoring media (photos and videos) posted online by your startup and consumers.
  • Monitoring your search engine visibility for keywords related to your startup.
  • Tracking over 100 KPI’s across all of your online presences.
  • Watching places like apple app store, chrome web store, android play store to monitor your apps.
  • Seeing who is following and unfollowing you on startup specific sites like AngelList and Product Hunt and services like Twitter, Instagram and more.
  • See all the people who have interacted with your startup in one place whether they have liked, commented, followed, un-followed, reviewed or posted.
  • Bookmark all articles, blog posts, job posts or any other related resources for your startup in a single location and monitor ongoing social sharing.
  • Monitor and manage specials\offers\deals on sites relevant to you.
  • Monitor events related to your startup on event sites.
  • Manage local presences for your physical location.

See all the online services we support for startups in your country  (just select the country).  Click on the Specific button to filter on services specific to startups.

When you add your startup be sure to choose Startup as your business type to have startup specific services automatically associated with your account.

Good luck with your startups and all the best with creating a strong presence for you and your startup online. We would love your thoughts and welcome any suggestions to better support you online.


Paul Gordon

Paul is the Founder of myPresence and is passionate about helping small businesses do better online by creating the best software tools possible.

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