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Keeping your social media channels active

Does your business have a lot of social media channels?.  Are you posting to them regularly?  It is a good idea to take advantage of these channels to keep your customers up to date with your business and attract new followers. It can be hard to remember to post to all your channels, to make life a little easier for you we have a new widget to help you monitor and manage the Post Age for each of your social media accounts.  The Post Age is simply the number of days since you have posted to each service (if you have more than one account on a service this will show the age of the most recent post). This shows you at a glance which accounts you have not posted to for some time and whether you are above or below your average posting cadence. If your last post was below or equal to your usual cadence then it will be shown as green otherwise it will be red.   On the left side we display: the average posting cadence…
Paul Gordon
December 8, 2019
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How to find all your business’s presences online

Your business probably has many places online where it is listed, some created by you but many created by someone else with information that may be out of date or just plain wrong. You probably know your Facebook page and your Yelp profile but are you keeping track of all the other places your business is listed online and more importantly what they are saying about your business? At myPresences we have created a platform that allows you to keep track of everywhere your business is listed online in one place so that you can easily manage what you are telling the world about your business. When you first add your business to myPresences we run a process called discovery.  This is based on the initial information you told us about your business and it is this process that initially populates myPresences with some presences for your business. We use the following information to find your presences across the internet: Business Name Business Address Phone Number Geo Location (Map Position) Business Type Social Profiles Our ability to find all the…
Paul Gordon
July 7, 2018