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Have you noticed how more and more people tend to start their day by picking up their phone or tablet, often while still in bed, they just have to know whats happening. Most people go to Facebook, Twitter, email, messages or maybe a news site. Whatever place they feel they need to connect with what is important for them.

Our goal is to be that place for small business owners.

When a small business owner goes online for the first time each day we want them to want to come to us first because we are the site that is analogous to opening their doors and getting started for the day but for their online world.  A site where they can see everything that is happening relating to their business online and everything that needs their attention.

If we can achieve this goal then we have built an amazing service with users who love what we do and are receiving value on every visit.

I see this as a very hard goal to achieve, but it certainly inspires us to create better software and provide better service to our customers. This goal is at the heart of everything we do.

At mypresences we help small businesses take control of their entire online world and give them tools so they can be as in command of their presence and reputation online as they are of their physical location.  Most small businesses can no longer ignore that their online storefront is becoming more important than their physical one, yet most pay little attention and allow their online presence & reputation to fall out of their control.  We intend to change that.

We are now in private beta, invites can be found on our homepage at

To find some great places to promote your business online now,  try our Online Services Explorer at

In a future post I will elaborate further on how we help small businesses take control of their online world.

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