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We are a software platform to help business owners, managers or marketing agents get the most from online and take advantage of every opportunity that online provides. Build an incredible Online Presence and Online Reputation and start dominating online today.


Build a strong Presence Online on the 100's of places where consumers look for you online.


Manage and Build your Reputation everywhere through Ratings, Reviews, Photos and more.


Ensure your business can be found in Local and Organic search.

Work Smarter

Find a solution to help you work better or get some help from a pro. Find new ways to work better.

With over 97% of consumers now looking online to choose a local business a strong Online Presence and Reputation not only helps your business.
It stops business going to your competitors!

How we help

We help you maximise your business's potential online so you win more business online and your competitors less. Below is a list of ways we help you and your business do better online.

Be There

Be present in all those places online where consumers look for you: websites, directories, social media, apps, API's and more. If you are not listed your customers will choose your competitors instead.

Be Accurate

When consumers do find you your information needs to be correct. If they try to call or visit you and the information is wrong you may lose that customer. Correct information will also help Google rank you better.

Be Complete

Take every opportunity to showcase your business by ensuring all your profiles have as much information as possible. Include all the information you can such as Photos or Videos to give your customers as many reasons as possible to choose you.

Be Memorable

Do your profiles stand out? They need to or consumers will keep looking and many online services today have direct links to your competitors on each profile. Having a memorable presence is essential to be chosen instead of your competitors.

Be Consistent

If your information is the same everywhere your Local SEO ranking will improve as google can see a consistent message that each of your profiles belong to your business. Inconsistent business names, phone numbers or addresses removes certainty which lowers your ranking.

Be Found

Can consumers find you online when they search? We help you monitor the keywords and ranking presences that matter to your business so that you can get more business from search engines.

Build your Reputation

Do you know what your customers are saying about you and your competition. We monitor all your ratings, reviews and comments across 100+ online review services so you know exactly what is being said about you. We also help you generate new reviews and ratings from your customer base.

Be Involved

Connect with your online influencers and be part of the conversation. We monitor the people that interact with your business (by reviewing, commenting, liking, following, unfollowing and more) and show you who your influencers are and help you connect.

Measure & Improve

See everything that is changing for your business and your competitors so you can manage improvement where it is needed. We track KPI's on all your online profiles so you can see what is changing and where you should take action.

Monitor and Report

Once we identify all your presences we monitor every presence and let you know when anything changes that you should be aware of. We will also generate reports and dashboards that you can use to monitor your improvement online. Never miss anything across all your online presences.

Compare to Competitors

We track your closest competitors and you can add any competitors you want to directly compare against. You can see how you compare to your competitors across 100's of KPI's and get a competitive advantage online once you understand where your competitors are strong and weak online.

Work better Online

Online offers many opportunities to run your business better and more efficiently. Our Online Advisor helps you find the best and most relevant online solutions and professionals to help you run your business better across areas such as Accounting, Marketing and a lot more.

Own your business online

We help you answer the following questions for your business. How many can you answer now?

Where are all the places my business is listed online?

When you add a business to myPresences we will search online for all the places your business is listed across more than 1500 online services and apps including social media profiles, directory listings, online marketplaces, API's and more.

These will then be listed on our presences screen where you can manage each one centrally.

Where are the places I am not listed but should be?

Once we have identified each place you are listed we can show you a list of online services and apps that are relevant to your business but we cannot identify a presence.

These are places where you should consider adding your business.

Where are my competitors listed and I am not?

Add your competitors and we will track where they are listed and let you know which services they are listed on and where they are not listed so that you can list there.

You can also see where neither you or your competitors are listed.

Is my information accurate, complete and consistent everywhere?

When you add your business to myPresences we identify your base information, this is the information you want to appear online for over 100 data points such as Phone Number, Address, Website, Social media profiles and more. We then tell you where your information is listed incorrectly online or where information is missing or not listed consistently.

Are my profiles and listings a compelling representation of my business?

myPresences helps you ensure each of your profiles is as compelling as possible to your customers. If a presence allows you to add photos or videos or other information we will suggest you add them so that when customers find you they will choose you.

This is very important when many online services will recommend your competitors directly from your profile page.

What can I do to improve each of my profiles?

myPresences will recommend anything that you should add or change on your profiles.

This helps you maximise the ability of each profile to rank and for customers to like what they see when they find your profiles online.

Where are all my online reviews and ratings?

myPresences tracks ratings and reviews on 100's of online services and apps and makes them available in our reviews section for easy access and reporting.

We will also notify you when you get new reviews or when any of your ratings go up or down.

How do I compare to my competitors and other businesses near me in my industry?

In additon to being able to add and compare against your direct competitors, myPresences will also track 10 of your closest peers and give you an average representation of how they compare to your business for over 100 KPI's.

This is a great way to understand how your business is doing online and which areas require your attention.

What photos and videos are posted online for my business?

myPresences monitors 100's of online services for photos and videos and whenever a new one is posted online you are notified.

This is most useful for services where your customers are posting and you want to be aware of anything posted as soon as possible to protect your online reputation.

Who are my influencers and detractors online? And what are they doing?

For every action that happens on any of your profiles we track the person and record information on their account so that you can see what they are doing and then connect with them if needed.

We monitor who performed actions like Reviews, Comments, Likes, Follows, UnFollows, Shares and more.

What deals\specials does my business currently have listed? And where can I list deals?

myPresences monitors many services where you can post deals and specials and shows you when deals are live and when they expire.

We will also suggest services that allow you to post deals so that you can maximize your deals reach.

What events are promoted online for my business? And where can I promote events?

myPresences monitors many services where you can post events and allows you to manage which events are listed and how they are displayed.

We will also recommend services where you can list your events.

How can I rank better in Search Engines?

myPresences will monitor search keywords that are important to your business and help you see which presences rank well and which don't so you can identify the ones that are important to your business (so that you can optimize them).

What are all my important KPI's online and how are they trending?

myPresences tracks KPI's on every presence across over 100 indicators for your business and your competitors.

Whenever anything important changes we let you know in your timeline and you can see exactly what is happening in your dashboard or reports.

How can I protect against online profile fraud?

myPresences is like an insurance policy for your Online Presence and Reputation.

We monitor everything and when anything changes you will know about it! Online profile fraud is real and your competitors or other parties may maliciously post or change data on your profiles to hurt your business.

With myPresences monitoring your presences you will know quickly when anything changes.

Perfect for Local Business

Based on your business, business type and location we can optimize specifically for your business. We show you where your business should be listed and how to maximize the potential of every listing.

Your Business Type not listed? We support many more.

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