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For many of you with local businesses your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is your most valuable online asset.

Even more valuable than your website.

This is what people see on the right when they search for your business on Google.  The quality of your profile has a big impact on whether your business will rank when people search for businesses like yours.

Google Business Profile example

If you search online you’ll find lots of advice on why optimizing your Google Business Profile is incredibly important.  And a lot of people who will tell you they are gurus on getting the most from your profile.

Typical advice includes:

  • Optimize your listing and include as much information as you can
  • Set your Primary category correctly and set all your applicable categories
  • Get regular new natural reviews
  • Maintain a rating at least in the low to mid fours
  • Reply to your reviews
  • Post good content to your profile regularly
  • Answer questions posted by customers on your profile
  • Add your products and services

The good news is Google Business Profile management is now included with myPresences on all plans.

Even better, our multi location and agency features allow you to manage multiple profiles from one place with ease.  It’s never been quicker and easier to manage multiple Google Business Profiles!

Let’s dive into the new features.

Profile status

We now let you know the status of your profile,  and when it changes,  we alert you on the timeline.

Google has been known to suspend profiles or put them in review for legitimate changes!  Now when any of your locations are not fully claimed you will be alerted and can see it one place which of your locations are affected.

google business profile multiple locations with disabled locations

Some of things that may happen to your profiles include:

  • Suspension
  • Disabling (the above screenshot shows 2 disabled profiles)
  • Notices that profile quality does not meet guidelines
  • Being placed in review
  • Profile ownership disputes

If any of your locations are affected we provide help to get it resolved directly in the interface.



Before you can take full control of a profile you need to be verified.  This verification process involves contacting you at the business to verify ownership.

google business profile management - address verification

This commonly involves:

  • A postcard sent to your business address with verification steps
  • An automated phone call or sms
  • An email to your business address

myPresences now supports this verification process and will:

  1. Show you which verification options are available.
  2. Allow you to initiate the most appropriate verification process.

Once you have started verification we will update you on your profiles status.


Photo & Video Management

You can see all of the photos and videos on your Google Business Profile in one place.  This is a great way to see if you are representing the business well. Do you have old photos or videos? Can some be replaced with better ones? Do you have bad quality and low resolution images?

With myPresences quickly and easily upload new ones and manage the existing ones.

google business profile management - upload photos

The best part! Because we have access to every photo and video you have used online you can use them to quickly upload new images from your library. No having to find images and upload them from your device.


Question and Answer Management

When people post questions on your Google Business Profile you will be notified in myPresences and you can answer them directly through the interface.

google business profile management - questions and answers

You can also add your own questions and answer s to seed common questions that people ask about your business.


Posts Management

See all your past posts in one place and easily create new posts.  Ensure you’re posting to your Google Business Profile regularly with good content.

google business profile management - posts

Reviews Management

See all your reviews together and quickly and easily reply to google reviews. This also includes reviews that have been removed from google so this is a great way to see those reviews google has decided to remove from publication on your profiles.

google business profile management - reviews

Profile Performance

Check how your profiles are performing in seconds.  See all your most important profile KPI’s in one place and optimize your profile to keep them improving.


Agency and Multi location

Now that Google Business Profile has a dedicated place in myPresences, make the page available to your clients or region managers so they can quickly and easily see how their pages are performing and manage their pages.

With multi location groups you can give regions the ability to manage their pages only and see how they compare.  Select a location to work on that location.

google business profile management - multi location


Try Google Business Profile management in myPresences today with our 14 day free trial. or book a demo to see it in action.




Paul Gordon

Paul is the Founder of myPresence and is passionate about helping small businesses do better online by creating the best software tools possible.

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