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Are you monitoring and optimizing for the keywords that people use to find your business or businesses like yours?

Organic search traffic is the best traffic to generate as once it is established it doesn’t cost you anything.  If you run ads traffic will stop as soon as you stop paying.  It can take longer to establish,  but organic seo has a bigger longterm payoff for your business.

Below are 7 essential keywords you should be monitoring for your business. These are the keywords that are most important for your business that you should be ranking as high as possible for.

For keywords with your business name, phone number or website you should have the top ranking and probably occupy most positions on the first page.

When monitoring these keywords you should monitor the keywords as if they were searched from as close to your location as possible, or where your customers would search from.

1. Your business name

Keyword example:  XYZ Plumbing.

People searching for your business name are looking for you in particular.

They either:

  • Are an existing customer looking to find additional information on your business
  • Have seen your business somewhere else and are searching for you
  • Your business has been recommended to them

Your business should dominate the first page of results for your business name.  The first result should be your own website and your Google Business Profile should appear in the Knowledge Panel to the right.

2. Your business name and location

Keyword examples:  XYZ Plumbing annerley, Salon XYZ balmain.

This keyword is similar to your business name but the searcher thought it was important to specify a location to make it more likely they find your business.

3. Your business type and location

Keyword examples: plumber in chadstone, plumber chadstone, plumbers in chadstone, plumbers chadstone

These are your opportunity for new business, you should rank as high as possible for these keywords.  It is also very important to compete for these keywords because they generate business for your competitors when they don’t choose you.

These keywords are also likely to include a lot of pages on other websites like Yelp, Facebook, Tripadvisor and many others. You should ensure your business is listed on these services as people will click through to these services and are most likely to choose a business that is listed on the first page of results on those services.

See our blog post on Barnacle SEO for more information.

4. Your phone number

Keyword example:  555 4555

Searching for a phone number can be a great way to find a business online as there is less ambiguity.

When people search for your phone number they are very likely to be about to interact with your business.  Make sure the results they find are as compelling as possible to get them to decide to become a customer.

5. Business type near me

Keyword examples:  salon near me, salons near me

This is a very important keyword for your business.

People using these keywords are looking for local businesses like yours and if they are searching on a mobile device they are probably very likely to be ready to purchase.

6. Your major services\products and your location

Keyword examples:  fix leak doncaster, korean food ascot, tax return kensington,  car service 3108

Think about the major keywords that your customers use to search for you and then add your location or postcode.  Monitor as many of these as you can as these keywords are about bringing you new business.


7. Your website

Keyword examples:,

It might sound counterintuitive to search for a website on a search engine rather than typing it into the address bar but many people do this.

For these people you want to ensure you rank well for when people use a search engine to do directly to your website.  The google homepage will automatically redirect to your website, but other search engines may not.

You should always rank number 1 for your own website but monitor this keyword to be sure.


myPresences makes it super easy to track these keywords for your business.  It couldn’t be simpler, when you add your business to myPresences we automatically monitor all these keywords for your business as if they were performed from your location.

We are also the only search tool that can monitor how your listings and profiles rank in addition to your website.

Try our 14 day free trial and be sure to check out the search page to see how your business ranks for these terms.


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