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Keeping your social media channels active

As a business owner today we tend to have a lot of social media channels. ┬áSome channels we post to very often, some not so much, but it is still a good idea to take advantage of all these channels and keep your followers up to date with whats happening with your business and attract new followers. It can be hard to remember to post to all your channels and to make life a little easier for you we have added a new widget to our dashboard to help you monitor and manage the Post Age for each of your social media accounts. ┬áThe Post Age is simply the number of days since you have posted to each service (if you have more than one account on a service this will show the age of the most recent post). This will show you at a glance which accounts you have not posted to for some time and whether you are above or below your average posting schedule for each of the services by displaying your last post days in either…
Paul Gordon
June 8, 2015